Pipe Work

If you experience the tell-tale signs of a leak within the house, it can be highly disconcerting. Not only will there be the necessary repairs to your pipes, but the need to make good any potential damage caused by the leak, even worse if your property is a flat above the ground floor, as your leak can cause issues for the residents below.

When you notice the signs of a leak, immediate action is required. The longer you wait, the more damage will be caused by leaking water and the more expensive it will be to rectify said damage. Getting an emergency plumber out to take care of your errant pipework or whatever else is causing the problem is vital. City Plumbers in the Liverpool area can be called upon to carry out leak repair and deal with all plumbing pipework issues.

Whilst it is understandable that many potential DIYers may want to have a go themselves at repairing their leaks, unless you have a working knowledge of plumbing pipework, you could be causing more damage, or indeed not actually addressing the problem. Add to this the problem of causing damage to neighbouring properties and you could have a very large repair bill on your hands.

A professional plumber when carrying out leak repair will first diagnose the problem, working out where the leak emanates from. City Plumbers will be able to rectify problems with both copper and plastic piping, ensuring that the leaks are dealt with swiftly and effectively, leaving your pipes fully watertight, keeping your house nice and dry!