Central Heating Boilers

Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers in Liverpool

Contact City Plumbers Liverpool for all gas central heating and boiler repairs and maintenance. We offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Any gas central heating or boiler problems, no matter how large or small will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineers.

Central heating and hot water systems have a tendency to break down just when we need them most: in the middle of a cold snap in winter or when we have extra visitors including babies or the elderly. To try and avoid any unexpected break down in heating and hot water systems, it’s a great idea to have regular boiler servicing. This will keep the system running efficiently and will also reduce the chance of breakdowns. Regular maintenance will give the customer peace of mind and should a problem occur, then the engineer will have a history of the boiler from previous maintenance visits. We will also be able to see where there are potential problems in the boiler and advise on appropriate action.

Gas Boiler Repairs, Replacements and Servicing in Liverpool

If there are faults in the heating or hot water systems, then we are able to carry out boiler repair or repairs to central heating systems. We appreciate that a fault resulting in no heating or hot water can cause serious problems in the household and we will work quickly to make the repairs and restore the system.

City Plumbers Liverpool covers the city of Liverpool and also the North West. Ring us to find out more about our service.