Central Heating

When considering gas central heating installation, there are several things to bear in mind. Choosing the right boiler and radiator system for your home the first time round will save a huge amount of money on future replacements and repairs. Furthermore, it is essential that a new boiler should be installed safely and efficiently by gas safe registered plumbers. Our highly trained plumbers at City Plumbers Liverpool offer a wide range of services, providing advice and guidance on buying a new system as well as offering installation and repair services from qualified gas safe registered technicians.

Choosing the right heating system in Liverpool

Essentially, central heating systems consist of two things: A central boiler which heats up water and a network of radiators which allow the heat to be dispersed throughout a home or property. When choosing the right boilers and radiators, the main thing to think about is function. The type of boiler radiator system you use really depends on the size of the house and how well insulated it is. Plumbers at City Plumbers Liverpool have a wide range of experience installing new heating system and repairing or upgrading old ones. Whether you want underfloor heating or a simple combination boiler and radiators, our plumbers can provide advice about the most efficient and cost effective methods of heating your home.

Central Heating Installation Liverpool

A network of radiators or underfloor heating remains one of the most efficient ways of heating a home. Once installed it is also relatively simple to use, rarely encounters problems and is essentially safe. However, it is essential by law to install your heating system with a gas safe registered plumber. All our plumbers at City Plumbers are gas safe registered and highly experienced at installing gas appliances. Not using a gas safe registered plumber increases the risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.